Housebites was created by a team of passionate foodies with busy lives. Not content with the current 'order-in' options - both in terms of quality and service - they decided to come up with a solution. They also happen to be the people behind trend-setting websites like Bebo, Birthday Alarm and SpeedDater.

Using their entrepreneurial zest, they've created a service that reinvents the takeaway, allowing customers to order food from top chefs in their neighbourhood and have it delivered to their door.

Simon Prockter
Simon Prockter Picture

Before co-founding Housebites, Simon used to run a successful dating site.

His hobbies include skiing, cycling and telling people that he used to run a successful dating site.

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Michael Brittain
Michael Brittain Picture

Michael is a digital strategist and technical lead, with over ten years of experience within web and mobile based projects. He's built advertising bid management platforms as well as a complex taxi booking application. He's a qualified Java developer, and is a conversant in PHP and MySQL; aka, he means business.

Michael is also an avid follower of the gamification movement.

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Paul Birch
Paul Birch Picture

Not satisfied with co-founding Bebo and BirthdayAlarm, Paul also helped set up Housebites.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys 'borrowing Boris bikes', snowboarding (he's actually quite good) and wearing red trousers.

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Yasmin Salaya
Operations Manager
Yasmin Salaya Picture

Yasmin has worked in the catering and hospitality industry for over seven years, and was a founding manager of the fantastic Muriel's Kitchen, so she's pretty damn experienced. She's basically in charge of keeping us all in line, and making sure that everything runs smoothly. When she's not doing that, she can be seen backpacking, fossil hunting, and loving sharks.

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Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes Picture

Antonio recently completed his degree in Web Development and Business at Kingston University. He's also spent time as an IT assistant at a tour operator. Although that makes him sound like a bit of a techie geek, he's got an incredibly creative mind, and has the ability to spice up any situation by putting a Mexican spin on it.

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Nell Fane
Community Manager
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Nell is rarely seen without a bulging notebook in hand, and always offers a creative take on the situation. She's a keen cook, blogger and obsessive traveller, and loves chatting to the world through social media. Since graduating, she's become completely addicted to the exciting, unpredictable nature of the startup world. She's our Community Manager, so she's here to keep everyone smiling. Including us.

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Laura Fernandez
Junior Developer
Laura Fernandez Picture

Laura is the Third Musketeer of the Housebites techie crew. She's a coding whizz, with a Masters in Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science, and before Housebites were lucky enough to snap her up, she was working for a wine startup in Spain. She's got a wicked sense of humour, dances like a true Spaniard, and is the only Housebites team member cool enough to pull off a tattoo.

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Bronwyn Barnett
Events Assistant
Bronwyn Barnett Picture

Bronwyn is the newest addition to the Housebites team, taking charge of all things 'events-orientated'. For the last 2 years, she's been studying Management at Northampton Uni, but she's now decided to join the Housebites team, to put her Management skills into action. She's a camping obsessive with a love of cleaning and TV watching. And she's already set up her own small business; all by the age of 20!

Adam Lilwall
Accounts Assistant
Adam Lilwall Picture

Adam is our money man. He's currently completing his chartered accountancy certification, and has all the qualifications and experience under the sun, so without him we'd basically be a bit lost. He loves both politics and stand-up comedy (an appropriate mix), and he enjoys sporting man-cardigans around the office.

Alice Feaver
Head Chef
Alice Feaver Picture

As an active, much-loved Housebites chef, Alice is our resident Head Chef. She's featured on Masterchef, worked in some of London's top restaurants, and is a brilliant artist. Her role at Housebites HQ is to keep our current chefs happy, to star-spot new chefs, and to help out with all-things-food-related. And she's also in charge of wearing seriously edgy clothing and filling us all in on 'cool' lingo.

Vatsala Tibrewalla
Operations and Marketing Analyst
Vatsala Tibrewalla Picture

Vatsala is a numbers girl, with a strong head for complicated analytics; something we're all quite jealous of. She's an Economics grad from Delhi, with a Masters in Management, and she's here to ensure that all operations at Housebites work as effectively as possible. Vatsala has a wicked sense of humour, loves super spicy food, and is a closet Harry Potter groupie in her free time.

Jack Whyles
Operations Assistant
Jack Whyles Picture

Operations at Housebites wouldn't work without Jack! At the age of 24, he's not only got a Business and Law degree under his belt, but he's also had over eight years of restaurant experience too. He's an ideas man with a love of travelling, football and Apple (not the flavour). Oh and he's deaf in his left ear, so has to position his desk at an awkward angle.

Isabel Carral
Isabel Carral Picture

Isabel is our brilliant resident designer. Any ideas we think up; she makes them happen. She's got a degree in Fine Arts, and a huge amount of experience working as a Graphic Designer for an array of impressive Spanish companies. She's known for thinking way outside the box, and enjoys jumping out of planes…for fun.

The takeaway; the busy Brit's staple meal. Quick, convenient, ready when you want it... But too often, let's be honest, totally underwhelming.

imagine: if you could have a high quality meal from an experienced chef, with the ease of a normal takeaway.

Just think: it could all be prepared by experienced, local chefs (all taste-tested beforehand).

Well, Housebites makes all this possible.

We've handed the power over to you and the chef. Now you can engage directly with the person who cooks your food, and see or provide feedback.

You create our menu by choosing meals you like and telling other people about great chefs you've tried. After all, we believe that you are the best food critic in town.

Our chefs love local, love cooking, and love hearing from you.

It's simple, economical, and local. It's reinventing takeaway.