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Chicken Curry

halal meal
gluten free meal

Traditional South East Asian dish made with Chicken and our fragrant and appetizing curry sauce . Medium spice.

This dish may contain: Dairy


This meal is Gluten free

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Vikram's Reviews:

Very nice, Delivered on time by friendly and helpful staff - Sam,W14
Amazing!! Tasted home-cooked, fresh and so much less oily than restaurant food. Melt in the mouth lamb and delicious roti. Will definitely order again. - fatima,SW7
Even for my seasoned south-asian palate, Vikram Kohli's food was simply outstanding. The chicken curry was authentic and perfectly spiced while the keema roti and papri chaat were delicate and flavourful. Food arrived piping hot and on time. I will be ordering again soon! - Spoc,W2
Excellent food. Packaging and delivery. Suggest remove the requirement to order a main and replace with minimum order amount. I felt like having a few sides rather than have a main! - P,NW8
First time I tried house bites, there was a delivery issue with my order but they apologized profusely and me for that was enough. The shammi kebabs were excellent! I would order them repeatedly. The kadhi was average, lacked punch for my pallette but maybe that's because I have been brought up on it. The raita was fresh and refreshing. Overall, would order again! - Amrita,W9
Kali Daal was exceptional, best thing I ordered. Roti and chawal-e-khusk were both pretty good. Lamb curry would have been better had it been hotter, which is down to a confusion in delivery between my address, but good communication meant that this was sorted relatively quickly. Overall was impressed and it represented good value compared to other similar companies and services. - Alex,W2
Lovely flavours, fresh tasting. Nice depth to the lamb curry and the veggie one a nice balance between sour and smooth. Delivered hot and with a nice touch of a small rice and an extra roti! Highly recommended. - Simon,W1W
Great food. Lamb curry was especially good. Fresh, piping hot. Will be ordering again for sure. - Bali,W1J
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