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Sumac, Goats Cheese and Beetroot Rosti

vegetarian meal

Beetroot and potato rosti on a bed of wilted spinach topped with sumac baked goats cheese and a fennel-pistachio pesto

This dish may contain: Wheat, Nuts, Eggs, Dairy

Suitable for vegetarians

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Sam's Reviews:

I enjoyed every mouthful. Generous servings and amazing taste. Cant fault any of it, I am very impressed and will be ordering from Sam's menu often in the future. Yum yum! Also have to mention the quick delivery time and friendly service. - lauren,BN2
Everything was delicious – with deceptively complex flavours and great presentation. The dim sum was especially good, and the halloumi polenta a lovely summery dish beautifully complemented by a kicking salsa. For the non-veggie, the ricotta and chestnut mushroom lasagne was fabulously "meaty" and substantial. And the brownie... mmm! - Vicki,BN2
Such a treat to have tasty and interesting vegetarian food. The dim sum and the pea and polenta triangles were star turns. - Anne,BN2
Meal arrived 50 minutes after order was placed and was hot. I was hungry & pleased to see good sized portions. There was also an added green salad which was welcome & unexpected. The Broccoli and Wasabi Cashew Dim Sum was very enjoyable. The Halloumi Polenta with Harissa Bean Salsa was delicious.Subtly different flavours were revealed with each bite. A very professional service which I look forward to using again and as a treat for my guests. - Niall,BN1
Sam Murley BN1

Hello, I'm Sam! I have been intrigued by the flavour, texture and design of dishes since I was a child. Throughout my teens, I often used to experiment in the kitchen, and all of my jobs since then have been food-related. Whilst studying in Bath, I worked in... (more)

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