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Chocolate Brownie Cake

vegetarian meal

A slice of home made chocolate brownie cake with optional pomegranate and cream.

This dish may contain: Nuts, Eggs, Dairy

Suitable for vegetarians

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Mary's Reviews:

It was delicious, as if someone had personally cooked dinner for us - which I suppose was the case! Both dishes tasted entirely homemade, like your mother made them for you. We will definitely use this service again. - Art,N8
Fantastic meal! The beef was very tender and perfectly seasoned. I'm not a huge fan of aubergine but it was actually delicious. Thanks Mary and I will definitely be ordering again soon! - Javier,NW11
I had Mary's Beef and Aubergine bake and it was absolutely delicious, really soft beef that just fell apart in a beautifully rich, gently spiced sauce which was really warming, and great now that the weather is starting to get a bit colder. I thought that the aubergines were a really nice touch - little bursts of sweetness which counteracted beautifully with the warmth of the sauce. It came with an enormous portion of rice and I was absolutely stuffed, and it was really nice to meet Mary when she bought the food round herself and we could have a brief chat about her extensive cooking history. My first experience of Housebites couldn't have been better. - Tony
Mary N10

Hello, I'm Mary! Having travelled around the world, I have sampled many exotic delicacies and recipes which influence my own cooking style. I use fresh, high quality, home-grown ingredients to create the most authentic flavours possible. My menu is very much an international fusion with my own unique... (more)

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