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Mexican salad

vegetarian meal

Mixed salad with carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, beans, cactus and tortilla chips with Honey vinaigrette

This dish may contain: Wheat

Suitable for vegetarians

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Hernando's Reviews:

The meal really was amazing. Was very pleased to see this style of menu in my area. Portions were very generous. Chicken Enchilada were done to perfection. Delivered by the Chef himself. Superior to any takeaway. - Scott,SW9
Had chicken enchiladas and the mushroom quesadilla - both very tasty, fresh and not at all greasy (as these dishes can be). Will be ordering again. - Tom,SE1
Hernando Garcia SE1

Hello, I'm Hernando! I'm a qualified chef from Westminster King Way College 2004. I've been a chef for nearly 15 years, working for prestigious restaurants such as '21st Century Food' (Montreal-Canada), 'Bodean’s BBQ', and 'Daphne’s and Destino'. Whilst at these restaurants, I had the opportunity to cook for... (more)

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