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Peking duck julienne with wild rice

Chinese style roast duck with wild rice and mixed seasonal vegetables.

This dish may contain: Wheat, Soy, Nuts

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Gregory's Reviews:

The Austrian Beef Goulash was amazing! Very tender and flavourful. Moroccan-style chicken was also very nice and tender. Would definitely order again. - Linda,SW5
We ordered Goulash, Moroccan chicken with couscous & Eton Mess. It was a truly exceptional meal: absolutely delicious and very well priced. The vegetables were beautifully crunchy and I could live for ever on the couscous. You could definitely order it for a dinner party. We will certainly order again. Thanks, Greg, you're a star! - Rosalind,W14
Welcome to Housebites! Great pasta, and thanks for the chocolate brownie sample. Will be back for more! - Govind,W14
Gregory Schaad-Jackson SW7

Hello, I'm Gregory! I developed a passion for good food early on in life, and after gaining indispensable business skills through a career in management consultancy, I followed my true passion and trained rigorously as a chef under Marcus Wareing, at the Savoy Grill. I then went on... (more)

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