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Leek Gratin

vegetarian meal

Creamy bechamel leeks with a crispy cheese and breadcrumb topping. Dangerously moreish!

This dish may contain: Wheat, Eggs, Dairy

Suitable for vegetarians

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The food cooked by Coleen was delicious. she arrived bang on time but i was late and she waited 20 mins for me to turn ip at my flat. I'm very glad she did, thank you - Sam,E1
Had a delicious dinner from Colleen – the trout with cous cous was cooked perfectly, really lovely flavours. There was a mix-up with the orders so it arrived a little late, but Colleen was really apologetic and did as much as she could to correct things – she even included some free cake and a little tub of the most delicious cinnamon ice cream. - Sheena,E3
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