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Pannacotta with balsamic strawberries

vegetarian meal
gluten free meal

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberries poached in balsamic vinegar. A delicious take on the classic Strawberries and cream.

This dish may contain: Dairy

Suitable for vegetarians

This meal is Gluten free

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Carlo's Reviews:

Very tasty but the portion of lasagne was way too small for the price and two hungry guys - Rhys,SW8
Punctual and courteous service. The Tagliatelle had very good flavour but was a little less creamy than would be ideal for me. The Octopus and summer veg ratatouille managed to be light rather than stodgy which was good. The drumsticks and Bonet were done just right. - Patrick,SW1P
We just ate our dinner and it was lovely! our two year old kept saying: YUMMY YUMMY while doing this little belly dance! So, we all loved it... sorry to the lovely chef who got a flat tyre on his way here.. if it makes things better: We loved your food and will ordered again! - Irahyma,SW1P
What a meal! The chicken and avocado salad was an explosion of flavour — I was sad to finish it. The scallops were a lovely texture with well-blended flavours. I prefer baked cheesecake, but this light one was very good even so. - Benjamin,SW1P
A really delicious meal. Absolutely restaurant quality (the pea purée and scallops were particularly good) and some great choices on offer. Thank you - I will definitely be ordering from you again. - Sophie,SW8
Lovely meal - the pasta was cooked just right, it was delivered on time and I even got a bonus free tiramisu! Great stuff Carlo, I'll be ordering more from you shortly! - David,SW1V
Superb salad: very refreshing and a perfect balance of flavours. The veal was delicious and hot. Pannacotta was excellent. I've been spoilt. - Benjamin,SW1P
The meal was good, well balanced and delicious. I chose house bites for the first time as I do order takeaways quite a bit but they are usually unhealthy curries. Housebites definitely offers that healthy option and is great concept. About the food: Delicious and good portion size. the polenta was a bit greasy for it to be roasted and slightly on the chewy side but the rest of the dishes were yummy!!. Delivery: Courteous and polite. I have to admit the only downside is the time it took for delivery, roughly over 90 mins which is usually 30 mins for a local take out. Feedback: It would be great for 'housebites' if they can develop an app and people can order online whilst on the move. Seeing it from my perspective, if i am working late or am not feeling to cook, i can easily order over my smartphone in time for the food to be there when i expect to reach hoe, rather than having to wait 90 mins after reaching home, logging into my computer and ordering thereafter. Regards Sam - Sam,SW2
What a revelation. For those nights when you can't bear to cook but don't want to eat rubbish takeaway. And supporting local business too. Carlo cooked an amazing dinner for us. We'll be back. - Jessica,SE5
Absolutely delicious! An explosion of flavors and delivered nice and hot before the scheduled time in perfect condition. All great but pannacotta was the highlight being exceedingly smooth and delicious. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Chris Hanson - Chris,SW9
Carlo Trentin SW9

Hello, I'm Carlo! The north of Italy has a profound cooking culture, bringing the finest ingredients to the stove and plate - it is this culture that I'm bringing to Housebites, and to your dining room. Growing up in the Veneto, then studying in Venice and Bologna, I... (more)

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