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Hello, I'm Susan! My culinary skills were honed in New York City, where I began as a pastry chef.

Working closely with the East Dulwich neighborhood suppliers 'William Rose', my culinary philosophy is based on seeking out the finest in regional and organic produce to bring back the tastes of home to my cuisine. I source seasonal garden produce from local growers; keep an eye out for fresh neighborhood apples, quinces and other delicacies appearing on my menus.

My menu is peppered with the flavours of Central and South America and I bring a distinctive, original twist to regional favorites, marrying the local and the global, the down-to-earth and the refined. I am an avid cyclist and your meal will be speedily delivered!

My Recipes

Slow Roasted Lamb
Slow Roasted Pork & Polenta
Black Beans with Red Pepper Coulis
Beef and Black Bean Mole on Polenta
Slow Roasted Chipotle Pork
Sweet Potato Milanesa with Ecuadorian Lentils and Roasted Red Peppers
Venison and Quince with Toasted Millet and Pumpkin Seeds
Ancho Chili Chicken with Roasted Red Peppers served on Polenta
Sweet Potato Milanesa with Black Beans and Tomatillo Salsa
Orzo with pumpkin, sage and pancetta
Slow Roasted Pork with Heritage Apples, Sage, and Lemon Millet
Rare Venison with Masa Harina Corncake, Black Beans and Coriander Chimichurri
Parsnip, Black Beans, Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Seeds
Pork Chop with Mexican Oregano Caramel and Burnt Lemon
Chorizo and Roasted Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Seeds on a bed of Mexican Lentils
Roasted Goat Cheese Salad
Lamb Chop Glazed with Membrillo with Cumin Cauliflower on Lemon Millet
Mexican-spiced Baba Ghanoush on Black Beans with Roasted Red Pepper
Chorizo with Apple Chile Jelly and Black Beans
Steak, Nasturtium butter, Chervil Root and Parsnips with Pancetta
French Beans, Cauliflower, Tomato, Pumpkin Seeds on Millet
Jerusalem Artichokes and Mushrooms on Lemon Millet
Venison, Pancetta, Chervil Root and Celeriac
Lamb with Garlic Creme Fraiche, Black Rice, Pomegranate
Sirloin Steak with Wild Mushrooms on Millet
Cheddar Burger
Burger no Cheese Please
Slow Cooked Pork
Sweet Potato with Millet & Almonds
Slow Roasted Beef Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Deep Fried Partridge, Celeriac & More
Cumin Cauliflower, French Beans & Apples
Lamb with Cumin and Cauliflower
Cuban chicken w/ sofrito and black beans
Corn Fritters with black beans & sofrito
Plantain-crusted Steak
Plantain-crusted Sweet Potato
Banana Rum Cake
Rum Coffee Cake

My Reviews

We enjoyed this meal a lot. The Cuban chicken was really flavoursome and travelled well, arriving hot and ready to eat. The Black's hot sauce was absolutely delicious and really set off the meal. The desserts of coconut rum cake and dark chocolate and rum cookies were nice, and reasonably priced but not as spectacular and packed with flavour as the Cuban chicken. Service was great, the meals turned up right on time, delivered with a smile. I would definitely use Housebites again! - Sian, SE4
Delicious meal. We thought it perfect in every respect. Arrived promptly at an ideal temperature too. - Caroline, SE5
The Food that I ordered was great. It arrived piping hot, the Cuban Chicken was delicious, just spicy enough and the salad was so unusual - it was really fresh with mango and peas and complimented the chicken really well. The coconut cake was huge yet I managed to eat it one sitting :-/ Also included was a free sample of cookies and some coffee, which was a lovely addition! Will definitely be coming back :) - Louise, SE22
We felt the lamb could have had a sauce, it was quite dry (although lamb was well cooked). The vegetables were greasy. - polly, SE15
Delicious, tender lamb. Excellent (free) cookies. Food was only lukewarm - we should have given it a quick blast in the microwave or it needs to be in insulated containers. - David, SE15
Yum-delicious. Lamb was very tender and the whole thing super tasty. Huge portions which could almost feed two but I gobbled the lot. Will definitely use again. - Eve, SE24
The Lamb with Cumin and Cauliflower was delicious although it was a tad dry and could have come with a gravy. Delivery was extremely quick, and the caraway and raisin cake was very tasty. My only ask is that more vegetarian options are provided. - Robert, SE14
Lovely chili, the beef was full of favour and beautifully tender. Ideally would have liked a bit more heat in the chili (extra chillies were good, but they aren't as rounded flavor wise as when cooked in closely), but getting spiciness right for everyone must be impossible. Corn bread was good, light and sweet. The salad was a bit of a star. Cookies were lovely and crisp with chocolate bits that melted in the mouth. Really enjoyed it - best takeaway we've had in East Dulwich! Thank you! - Helen, SE22
Absolutely delicious and what a great service. We have just had a baby and I was extremely sleep deprived when I ordered which meant that I inadvertantly ordered for the Thursday not the Friday. But they didn't complain and gave us some free cookies! We will definintley be using them again. Thank you. - Richard, SE5
Food arrived on time and was very tasty! The beef chilli had chunks of beef rather than minced. Home made cookies were fantastic! - Amerjit, SW2
I would highly recommend Susan's food and house bites. I had the slow cooked pork and Cranberry tart with Stilton. Both courses were excellent. Fergal. - Fergal, SE22
Truly amazing meal! One of the best burgers I've eaten in a very long time and I used to live in the US! They had a lovely grilled flavour to them and the hot sauce was an excellent accompaniment (though didn't taste much of the cheese). The Boston Baked Beans didn't look like the picture and they had more of a soup consistency, but were absolutely delicious and unlike anything I've eaten before. Great chocolate cake too and we got a free side of coleslaw! Thanks Susan, will definitely be ordering again! - Linda, SW2
A delicious meal and excellent service. We also received a free sample of chocolate cake which was a nice touch. Very generous portion sizes and friendly delivery. Thank you! - Harriet, SE15
The food was delivered on time and piping hot. I ordered lamb chops and sirloin steak and both were delicious with creative accompaniments. The portion sizes were really generous too. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone and will certainly be using it again! - Sian, SE4
Our first visit to Susan's kitchen was a triumph! The lamb was cooked to perfection, as was the chorizo. A multitude of flavours. What a treat to eat great food and not have anything to wash up! We will defintely order again. Once a week if I had my way Thanks, Susan. We love you! - Louise, SE22
We were really impressed by the overall quality of food and the time it took to reach us. One negative however is that the pear dessert was overpriced. £5 for sliced pears with dulce de lece sauce must have a serious margin! - Dainee, SE15
Fabulous food. Delivered bang on time with a smile. Best takeaway in town. - Julia, SE5
We had our first meal from you tonight via the Housebites web site. We are very impressed with the service. The food arrived promptly and the Chipotle Pork + green Salad were delicious. We also thought that the portion sizes were very good. We will definitely be using you again ! thank you . - Stephen, SE21
Susan has provided some new taste sensations with her fabulous take on Central & Sth American cuisine. Introduced for the first time to membrillo and goats cheese - a savoury sweet delight, we followed with succulent lamb and tender pork with poached quince - both equally as tempting! Surprisingly my husband, who does not normally eat beetroot, finished the entire content of the beet salad, it was delicious! Finishing with her pièce de résistance, the fig with dulche de leche, goats cheese and mint was simply sublime. Susan's cooking is now a firm favourite of ours and a good reason to eat in with takeaway! - Donna, SE22
We had an absolutely amazing meal last night. What a different takeaway experience! The food arrived on time and was hot, fresh and beautifuly presented. We ordered slow cooked pork, which was very tender and juicy. It was perfectly accompanied by delicate polenta and fragrant poached quince. Hints of fresh herbs just added to a fine mix of flavours, creating a truly exquisite dish. What a treat! We are looking forward to your futher creative cooking Susan! - Natalya, SE22
Loved the whole meal from start to finish. It arrived bang on time by a guy who wasn't wearing a bike helmet but was wearing a smile - a massive plus - and was the perfect temperature. Everything tasted great - the crostini was particularly good, and I'm definitely going to order the same meal again and again. As a friend said 'it tastes like very good home-cooked food that we've not had to cook ourselves' - and unlike anything else I've ever ordered online, all the ingredients tasted sparklingly fresh. - Ilana, SE22
The lamb was melt in the mouth yumminess, the mint gave it a lovely lift. Infinitely superior to the takeaway curry we usually resort too when I am too tired to cook! More! - Nicola, SE21
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