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Hello, I'm Mary! Having travelled around the world, I have sampled many exotic delicacies and recipes which influence my own cooking style.

I use fresh, high quality, home-grown ingredients to create the most authentic flavours possible. My menu is very much an international fusion with my own unique take on lamb, chicken, beef and pork dishes as well as some vegetarian options.

With the winter fast approaching, my home-made casseroles and stews are the perfect comfort food to keep you warm this winter.

I also offer home-made soups, a variety of salads and home-made chocolate cake.

Check out my menu to see what I am cooking tonight!

My Recipes

Lamb Shank and Basmati Rice
Pork and Okra with Mash Potato
Beef and Aubergine Bake with Safron Rice
Saffron Chicken Breast with Wild Berries
Minestrone soup
Seafood Paella
Aubergine and Pepper Stuffed with Beef
Cabbage and lentil with rice
Stuffed Aubergine, Courgette and Pepper
Vegetarian Paella
Chicken and Lentils
Avocado, Tomato and Mozzarella
Stuffed Wheat and Flour Crust
Stuffed Meat, Wheat & Flour Crust

My Reviews

It was delicious, as if someone had personally cooked dinner for us - which I suppose was the case! Both dishes tasted entirely homemade, like your mother made them for you. We will definitely use this service again. - Art, N8
Fantastic meal! The beef was very tender and perfectly seasoned. I'm not a huge fan of aubergine but it was actually delicious. Thanks Mary and I will definitely be ordering again soon! - Javier, NW11
I had Mary's Beef and Aubergine bake and it was absolutely delicious, really soft beef that just fell apart in a beautifully rich, gently spiced sauce which was really warming, and great now that the weather is starting to get a bit colder. I thought that the aubergines were a really nice touch - little bursts of sweetness which counteracted beautifully with the warmth of the sauce. It came with an enormous portion of rice and I was absolutely stuffed, and it was really nice to meet Mary when she bought the food round herself and we could have a brief chat about her extensive cooking history. My first experience of Housebites couldn't have been better. - Tony
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