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Hello, I'm Emilio! I'm Italian, and I have always had a passion for food.

When it comes to food and cooking, I like to make simple and traditional recipes using fresh ingredients, that can give you a little taste of Italy.

Having worked in restaurants in and around Napoli and the Almafi coast, I have picked up many different skills and recipes from the region, including many specialty pasta dishes.

My Recipes

linguine with basil pesto
penne with ragu` alla bolognese
Fusilli cream ham and mushroom
Stuffed Crepes
Beef Escalope with mushroom
Chicken Tortino
Classic Lasagna
Chicken Cotoletta alla milanese
Penne Al Forno
Arrosto Pasquale ( Easter roast)
cauliflower penne
Penne all' Arrabbiata
Maccheroni alla Ricotta
Spinach Lasagna
Asparagus Crepes
italian antipasto
Asparagus roulade
Tagliolini with Parma Ham and courgettes
Home made Gnocchi Sorrento
Vegetable Gratin with Béarnaise
Vinegar and Tarragon Chicken Fricassée
Slow Roast Pork with Mustard Salsa
Duck Confit Honey Mustard Crust
French Toast with Toffee Apple
Pork fillet escalope with Mushroom Sauce
Fusilli with Emilio's home made Pesto
Gnocchi Spinach
Fusilli with broccoli Pesto and ricotta
Tortellini del Capitano for 2
Farfalle with ricotta cream and rocket
Tender Lamb with Asparagus
Ostia Beach Salad

My Reviews

Absolutely loved it. Emilio is my hero! Great desert as well. Went down well with the ladies! Kx - Kaveh, EC2A
Tortellini del Capitano was fantastic .. piping hot .. on time .. was also huge, would have been enough main course for 3 people. Will order again - Jason, EC1V
given the idea and sales pitch of the website and company, i expected to receive a meal to challenge both the quality and taste of the 'usual' take away - whilst the menu ideas sound good and creative the result was very mediocre - i was embarrassed to serve it to my friends, both on quantity and taste. it reminded me of the type of food i cooked as a student, some pasta with a bit of garlic and pesto stirred in, cheap and filling, but in this case not even filling. This was my first experience of your company and cooking; i was very excited by the concept and prospect, but obviously my expectations were too high, as i am unlikely to try it again. - mark, E2
It was delicious!! Will definitely come back. Thank you! - Alex, EC2Y
Excellent! - Joshua, N1
Absolutely delicious. couldn't fault it if i wanted to. makes such a difference from the usual take away choices. - Dan, E3
The band loved everything! They are very happy musicians. Thanks so much! Ned Evett and Triple Double - Sandra, EC1V
Not very good...EXCELLENT!!!! Beautiful food. We love this man x - Lisa, E8
Superb. Give this man a restuarant. - GEOFF, E1
Perfectly cooked pasta, interesting sauces and delivered quickly. Courgettes were particularly good. - Kate, E2
Despite the horrific rain, Emilio showed up straight on time with a lovely Italian feast. The tiramisu was truly heavenly - light, not too sweet, delicious! - Rachel, N1
The Chicken Tortino was nice but quite heavy and so I was glad I also ordered the side salad which complemented it well. The heavenly tiramisu lived up to its name - delicious. - Holly, EC2A
THis meal was absolutely awesome - Matt, E1
Many thanks to Emilio for lovely meal and for bringing it in! (leg in plaster) - Barbara, E8
All delicious, but especially the PESTO! (And the personal service!) - CAROLINE, N1
Emilio could not have been nicer, and the meal was delicious. The perfect pick-me-up after arriving fresh from Paris on the Eurostar-- - Valerie, N1
Excellent food and very friendly service. Will buy from Emilio again! - Adam, N1
Great meal, great service - will be using again. - Bev, E8
The night was sultry. A pair of tired, hungry people waited with baited breath. And then, like a trumphant hero, Emilio arrived armed with some grade-A tastiness. Once again the food was great and surpassed anything offered by that place that shares a name with a 1970s Burt Reynolds movie. Highly recommended. - David, E1W
Emilio delivered on the dot and was really friendly and lovely - having grown up in Italy, I was looking forward to an authentic Italian meal and that's exactly what we got - delicious cotoletta, even more delicious courgette roulades and the tiramisu is one of the best I have EVER had (and I have had many!) - highly recommend :) - Katia, EC1V
This man is a legend. The quality of his food speaks for itself! - David, E1W
The meal came slightly late, but that was not by far the biggest disappointment. The cut of beef used was of poor quality, hardly edible. I should have just cooked tonight as this experience has been deeply regrettable. I will never order from this cook again. If anyone in the area wants a good meal, I would strongly recommend Wesley in N7. - ManShun, N1
Food was delicious, delivery was right on time and Emilio was a very jolly fellow. The Courgette Roulade was particularly good. - David, E1W
Great taste. Could have been a bit warmer. - Dan, WC1X
Very good home made food!! We loved the Cotoletta with mushrooms, very tasty! Thanks Emilio, we'll definitely be ordering again :) - Diego, E3
how wonderful! i am so glad to have discovered this fabulous takeaway service. emilio cooked brilliant food, delivered it with perfect timing and was the jolliest chap i've met all week. i'll definitely be ordering from emilio again, and encouraging my friends to do the same. bravo! - Sal, E9
Emilio cooked a great meal. Cotoletta was delicious, as was the penne. I docked it from Very Good to Good because the food arrived slightly cold and required a quick reheat. I would definitely order from Emilio again in the future. - David, EC1M
Enjoyed Emilio's Classic Lasagna and Chicken Tortino - both tasted very good - and appreciated the generous treat - will be ordering again. - Alexi, EC1Y
Great service! Delivered on time and the food tasted delicious, fresh and seriously home cooked. Will definitely order again and recommend to my friends! Excellent work. Thank you. - Dana, E2
Late, but tasty! Free extra portion of lasagna made up for the lateness! - Christine, N1
The food arrived in very good time and was really nice, much better than a normal take-away. I particularly liked the courgette roulades and the complementary coffee was a lovely touch. - Fionn, E1
The penne was very good - 'al dente'(lovely) but could've done with a bit more of the delicious ragu. And the crepe was sweetly scrumptious - Liane, E5
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