A lot of our customers cunningly get their local chef to deliver a deliciously fresh Housebites meals to their door, and then plate it up beautifully, serving it to their friends or partners as though they themselves had cooked it.  And more often than not, it seems to work (though there are always the doubters out there..)!

But we’ve now decided to make the whole process even easier for our cooking-faker-customers, and we’re therefore offering you the option of getting your chef to deliver the authentically dirty pans alongside your meal.  That way, you can complete the illusion and stop those people doubting that you’ve cooked it yourself!

If your local chef is offering this £5 service, you’ll see ‘Dirty Pots and Pans’ as an option in the ‘sides’ section of his or her menu, and you can then just ‘add to order’ before going to the checkout.  Couldn’t be easier.  And the chef will then subtly pick up his pots and pans later on, in whatever time slot you’ve requested.

So if you’re a ‘culinary faker’ then give this new option a try…  And we hope it convinces your guests to finally give your culinary skills the benefit of the doubt!!