People often ask how we regulate and find our new chefs… Well we thought we’d offer you a quick case study (with pictures – the most important part), because our head chef Tom has just returned from tasting the food of Chef Jordan (SE23), who’s actually starting with Housebites on Wednesday.

At Housebites, we basically believe in good, fresh food.  But our chefs seem to always produce something that little bit more wonderful.

One of Tom’s jobs is basically to head on over to the potential-chef’s house (the chef has, at this point, passed the initial ‘chat’ stage, passed the hygiene test, and had his or her kitchen fully regulated), to taste an array of dishes cooked up by the chef in question.  On tasting the chef’s food, he then judges whether or not he or she is up to Housebites’ standards…

Well, as with all our chefs, Chef Jordan from SE23 just blew Tom out of the water with his cooking!

Jordan cooking up a feast for Tom at his Housebites chef taste-tasting…

The food he produced was of the highest quality imaginable, and so he was of course snapped up immediately, and will be kicking off and beginning his Housebites career on Wednesday.  If the food had been less than delicious, he obviously wouldn’t have been chosen as a Housebites chef.

But the best part is that Housebites chefs cook the dishes that they want to cook; dishes which they enjoy cooking, dishes which they grew up on (in the variety of countries they’ve lived in), and dishes which they think other people should discover.  So taste-testings are always really good fun, and incredibly exciting for Tom, because our chefs use their food to express themselves, and thus no tasting is ever the same.

Here are a couple of the dishes that Jordan whipped up.  We were bowled over; we’re sure you will be too:

We’re now recruiting chefs from London, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  So if you’re a keen cook – whether or not you’ve got a paper qualification – then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.