Why do pubs and cocktail bars offer Happy Hours, when takeaway restaurants don’t? We aren’t sure, and we don’t think it’s very fair. After all, takeaway is supposed to be all about making people happy..

So Housebites have now launched our own version of Happy Hour – the PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT. That means that every single time you make an order over 3hrs before your local chef is due to start cooking, you’ll get 10% off your order total. No strings attached. It makes you happy (because you get cheaper food), the chef happy (because they get more warning before cooking, and can plan ahead), and us happy (because everyone else is happy, and we didn’t want to be in the minority).

The early bird has always been known to catch the worm, but this time, he’ll catch more than that: he’ll catch 10% off a whole Housebites meal. And that worm too, if he’s lucky.