As a food-orientated company, our kitchen is obviously quite important to us…

Well, now that we’ve moved offices, we’ve also moved kitchens.  There wasn’t really a proper kitchen when we arrived here (to our horror), but over the last week a few brilliant people have helped us to build our very own brand spanking new kitchen, tailor-made and beautiful.

All the little bits and bobs have now been tuned/programmed/installed and everything else, and this morning, we had our very first cooking session!

The kitchen was christened in style, because Chef Alice (SE5) nipped across with a whole heap of ingredients,  to cook us up a few batches of delicious cookies.

So we now have a sweet taste in our mouths when we think about the beautiful new Housebites kitchen…

And we’re seriously excited about all the forthcoming dinners and cooking lessons which will be taking place inside its walls!!

Chef Alice cooking up a Cookie Storm!