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Christmas in a glass

At the end of last week the Housebites team braved the winter weather and hit the streets giving away our very own Housebites Mulled Wine kits.  Needless to say they went down a STORM! In aid of this we’ve shared with you our delicious festive mulled wine recipe for you […]

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Think Outside the Box

Here at Housebites we need to make sure that you get the most out of your boxes. Our customers don’t just want to eat great food; they want to be able to cook it themselves, with the knowledge that chefs have gained through years of experience, in the comfort of […]

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vegan roast

Vegan Christmas with Chef Eva

A lot of people are scared off by the word ‘vegan’. It sounds intimidating to many, but the thing is it really isn’t. It doesn’t shut off alleys or drain you of vitamins; it’s just an alternative diet, filled with lots of opportunities. I was vegetarian for 20 years before […]

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christmas baking

Creative things to whip up (and impress with) this Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without any cooking or creativity. It’s amazing to witness: as soon as Christmas hits, everyone suddenly dons the creative cap, becomes Blue Peter-worthy, and whips out some fantastic ideas (most of which are edible). Here are a few of our favourites: Sweets and Chocolates If you […]

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Becoming a Chocolatier with Chef Laurent

Chef by night, chocolatier by day – I really do enjoy the best of both worlds. My life as a Housebites chef is fast and furious, coping with multiple orders and remembering how long each fillet has been on the flame. You have a degree of freedom – adding a […]

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olive bowl

Olive Picking and Cooking with Chef Alice

I can’t imagine there are many chefs that don’t get their inspiration from the food of Italy and I am no exception. When it’s not messed about with and the ingredients are left to do the talking, it’s lip smackingly good in a way that few other cuisines can match. […]

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Pear and Saffron Chutney

This is Housebites team member Andy’s favourite chutney recipe, learnt when he spent a week in the kitchen at Maze It goes especially well with paté, or cold meats and game, but also with cheese and all the other usual suspects.  Makes a decent batch, but then that’s normally the […]

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A melted s'more

S’More Please

Yes, it National S’Mores Day! Never before has there been a better excuse to get out your girl and boy scout gear, to trek into a field, and to build an authentic Famous Five-esque camp-fire… You see, although we’re not an American brand, we really do appreciate good American traditions, such as […]

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Federico’s Secret Italian Bolognaise Recipe

We managed to convince our Italian Strategy Analyst Federico to share his secret, Italian Bolognaise recipe with the whole office, so we thought we’d do our bit too, and share it with the rest of the world… “As you can probably imagine, the Spaghetti Bolognaise we usually have in the […]

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victoria sponge

Victoria Sponge (Best of British!)

Victoria Sponges are always the perfect thing to make for a tea with friends and family.  For some reason, you get massive amounts of respect when you bake your own cake (people think you’re doing the ‘undo-able’), and we reckon that this is definitely something you should cash in on, […]

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