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Christening The Shiny New Housebites Kitchen

As a food-orientated company, our kitchen is obviously quite important to us… Well, now that we’ve moved offices, we’ve also moved kitchens.  There wasn’t really a proper kitchen when we arrived here (to our horror), but over the last week a few brilliant people have helped us to build our […]

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Housebites World: the Great Chef Conference!

We’ve got the most fantastic network of talented, passionate chefs, and we sometimes get a bit sad that (seeing as they all cook from their own homes), we don’t get to see them very frequently. This Tuesday, we therefore decided to change that, and to get everyone together under one […]

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Office move

The Big Office Move

Housebites HQ has now officially shifted. We’re now in a brand spanking new set of offices in Farringdon, and making ourselves feel at home.  Cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap and duck tape are strewn across the floors, desks are being christened, and we’re finally getting our bearings. As we like to record […]

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The Joys of Taste-Testing Our Chefs’ Food!

People often ask how we regulate and find our new chefs… Well we thought we’d offer you a quick case study (with pictures – the most important part), because our head chef Tom has just returned from tasting the food of Chef Jordan (SE23), who’s actually starting with Housebites on […]

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Gourmet French Takeaway Weekend in a Vid!

Our Gourmet French Takeaway Weekend with Maille Mustard and Bruno Loubet has been turned into a lovely little film.  Take a look to see how it all worked out, and to get your mouth watering…  

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Meals For Two: The Latest Housebites Trend!

With so many of our customers ordering Housebites meals for two people, we’ve developed a new ‘Meals For Two’ option.  You’ll see this little logo on their menus -  - but we just wanted to explain it a little bit too… The ‘Meals for Two’ are basically an even more economically friendly […]

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Ice cream tortoise

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

It’s officially National Ice Cream Month!  We’ve been waiting for this month for quite a while now…  What could be more exciting and wonderful than a whole month dedicated to ice cream? At Housebites, we like to keep up to date with current affairs, and celebrations in the food world. […]

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