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2 More Key Cheffy Tips

We’ve prized a couple more culinary tips out of our head chef Tom this morning… Thank goodness. Use coins instead of baking beans when baking tart shells.  Coins conduct the heat better, which means there’s no need to remove them to crisp up the shell (because the bottom won’t bubble […]

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Fantast Friday 2

FANTASY FRIDAY: Customers Have Your Say!!

It’s Fantasy Friday, and we want you to tell us all your hopes and dreams for Housebites: which new service do you want Housebites to develop next?  What foodie development would make your life easier? Join the discussion, have your say, and enter your vote NOW.

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We’re Launching In 5 New Cities…And We Need New Chefs!

We’re pretty damn excited to let you all know that Housebites is now launching in 5 new cities: GLASGOW — EDINBURGH — MANCHESTER — BRISTOL — BIRMINGHAM After receiving lots of requests, we’re finally sharing truly good takeaway – takeaway the way it should be – with a whole heap […]

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Federico’s Secret Italian Bolognaise Recipe

We managed to convince our Italian Strategy Analyst Federico to share his secret, Italian Bolognaise recipe with the whole office, so we thought we’d do our bit too, and share it with the rest of the world… “As you can probably imagine, the Spaghetti Bolognaise we usually have in the […]

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HELLO! there

Housebites have made it into Hello!  Our dreams have finally been answered and we (well, the girls) finally have a valid excuse to be caught flicking through Hello! in the office.  Brilliant news for everyone!

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Happy International Picnic Day!

It’s International Picnic Day, so today’s lunch-break obviously consisted of sandwiches and makeshift rugs.  What is it about picnics and their ability to make even the most standard sandwich exciting to eat?!  It’s amazing. Funnily enough, we’ve actually been discussing the possibility of branching out, and doing an official Housebites […]

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Beautiful Food

Another Mouthwatering Vid For All Ye Food Lovers Out There!

We promised we’d share anything delicious that we found with you, so here goes…

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dirty pots and pans

Ultimate Authenticity: Get the Dirty Pans Delivered Too!

A lot of our customers cunningly get their local chef to deliver a deliciously fresh Housebites meals to their door, and then plate it up beautifully, serving it to their friends or partners as though they themselves had cooked it.  And more often than not, it seems to work (though […]

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Round Me Up, Scotty!

We’ve got something new to introduce to you: our ‘Round Up My Order’ button, which you’ll now see whenever you reach the Housebites checkout. You know how sometimes an order comes to £14.60, and you just round it up in your head, thinking “it was a 15 quid meal”?!  Well […]

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Puffa Fish

Breakthrough in the Fish Fight!

Those of you following the big Fish Fight, we’ve had a massive breakthrough! Fisheries ministers have finally decided that Europe is to completely ban the controversial policy of throwing dead fish caught by accident (under the EU quota system) back into the water, to be wasted.  Too many fish had […]

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