Salmon pancake

Perfect for Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday, historically celebrates the day before Christian Lent starts. And as Lent means cleaning the soul and giving up some of the things we like, we indulge in food that is fatty and delicious, that uses up food that we give up for Lent. Pancake batters […]

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photo 2 (2)

Meal Swap: Variety is the Spice of Life

Meal Swap Our new ‘Meal Swap’ feature has been created so you can decide which delicious meals you cook every week! How does it work? Our chefs love to be able to use a bit of creative licence when planning your meals. However, you do have the opportunity to change […]

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The Perfect Three-Course Valentines Meal

What’s Valentines day really about? Its simple, spending time with the ones you love. And what better way to show how you care than sharing some delicious and truly special homemade food. We’ve put together a winning three-course Valentine’s feast thats that you can cook at home! With a light […]

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aromatic chicken

Housebites Lite: no fads, just healthier meals!

  It’s the time of year again! January is when most of us set ourselves weight loss goals and start to plan a healthy balanced diet, after a month packed full of Christmas indulgence. But just before you reach for those powdered meal replacements or mass produced ready-meals, we have […]

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table 1

The Perfect Christmas Dinner

Its the time of your that everyone begins to worry about the big Christmas Dinner! ‘Duck fat or goose fat for the roasties?’,  ’Corn-fed, free-range bronze turkey or whatever Waitrose has left the night before Christmas’, ‘Brandy butter, brandy cream, or just plain brandy?’ We want to make Christmas dinners […]

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The Weird & Wonderful World of Colourful Food

Chef’s are always looking for new ways to excite appetites in their cooking. We at Housebites love using imaginative and inspiring ingredients in our dishes in order to get your taste buds tingling. But in the last few years the creation of cross-bred fruit and vegetables and the transformation of […]

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photo (17)

Christmas in a glass

At the end of last week the Housebites team braved the winter weather and hit the streets giving away our very own Housebites Mulled Wine kits.  Needless to say they went down a STORM! In aid of this we’ve shared with you our delicious festive mulled wine recipe for you […]

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Harness the garnish

Our Dos and Don’ts for International Food Photography Day

Food photography is big news any day – we sometimes feel it’s the oil that keeps the wheels of the internet running smoothly. But today – *drumroll, please!* – is International Food Photography Day. It’s kind of a big deal for us. We thought we’d share a few tricks of […]

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sausage 3

Fireworks, Sparklers and British Bangers!

What a week to embrace the winter weather! Not only is it Bonfire Night today, which is the perfect excuse to grab a generous glass of mulled wine and bask in the bonfire heat; this week is British Sausage Week. Just the chance to indulge in some mouthwatering and hearty sausages […]

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From Pumpkin to Plate

You’ve got your pumpkin at the ready, tools in hand, all your creative ideas whirling around your head waiting to be let loose onto this orangey blank canvas. You’ve done your best to create the most terrifying smile the world has ever seen. But all you’ve managed to do is […]

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